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[WiP] Finished "DTBU" Modern / SCi FI / something

I had an idea to start with.
I thought everything comes from drawing.
Now I’m stuck…

Everything is still open.
Digital, analogue, hybrid or …

The two white bars are for battery display of mobile and watch.


That kind of layout looks familiar, here’s what I did with it:


a beautiful interpretation of this theme.
Leave a little space between the writing and the frame.
it always seems so squashed.

I really like the abbreviation on the seconds hand.

Originally, my approach was design drawings for modern speedometers.

Definent potential. Analog cluster comes to mind for a layout. ???

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I’m open to all ideas :wink:


To me it resembles some night vision binocular
So maybe some digital “HUD” data above background image could fit in


Here’s a my modern speedo with 2 modes for inspiration (click on mode) :sunglasses: :


I like the second from the bottom. I see a little Face again. :slightly_smiling_face:


Here is my latest. Cluster theme. Couple finishing touchs yet to do.
I actually prefer designing more simple analog faces but it seems this is what people like. Digital with all the info. It’s more of a challenge although.

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your suggestions were all very helpful.

I can still do a hybrid or analog.
Let’s see how it goes.


It is very pretty but some details (icons, descriptions) are too subtle for tiny watch displays. Now I don’t mean small for my aging eyes, but for the small resolution. This is screenshot from my watch:

I know that a lot is very small.
I will also adjust a few little things.
I don’t usually do such small things either because I don’t like it myself.

But here I make an exception.
When I look at the top 100, many seem to like it.
And my design idea works halfway … :rofl:


I took another from the font family for the smaller fonts.
In this way, higher numbers fit into the design.

But I have a stupid question …
Does anyone have the code for the short number of steps?
1.0 (K) = 10,000 or 1.0 (x 1,000) = 10,000

I recently read that someone was looking for

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Not sure what you want to do with the steps. Do you want to show 3.42 k rather than 3420. Or somrthing like that . There is a very exciting new expression toFixed(x, 2) where x would be the steps Tag.

Yeah just about

Steps / 1000 with a maximum of 2 places after the comma

Otherwise the space is not enough for me

not solved nicely, but works

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This should work:


problem is with 100000 steps, then you would have to use clamp as well if you want max 99999 steps. And I would change you text “x1000” to:


hope I got it right… seems a little odd though, at 99501 steps, the formula will give you 10.0


Yeah, was doing the math with % and division, when I saw the new expression!


you are great

With: (toFixed ((#ZSC#/1000), 1)) I have the perfect look

This is completely sufficient for max. 10,000 steps

The X1000 is an image element
So it is more difficult to change

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The old way was fun. And good for Learning. Sorry If I have lead anyone up the garden path . I thought that new expression would sort it in one. I must go and Test TestTest.




for now only with theme color
further functions will follow