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WIP Gears for all

Here’s my latest fun watchface - it’s not the easiest to read but hey…all the gears mesh - what do you think?


The digital time in dim mode has no leading 0 here - why is this? The original in Facer Creator does! I hope this doesn’t happen when publishing watchfaces. Anybody else had this problem and if so, how did you fix it?

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Sadly I can not Inspect your Face. Good work with the working gear set. The leading Zero is tricky. There is a new way of doing it. There are problems on some watches doing leading Zero in Formulas.
They just Launched a new tag. So these days I use (pad(#Db#, 2)) . That is user selectable 12/24. You have to do minutes seperatly. I am ways seperate them any way so they don’t jump about the screen.

Vely nice, I likee vely much :+1:

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