[WIP Halloween] BD0136 Dracula (Animated)

Tell me what you think and ideas if you want!


Added some today, but having issues with the transitions. Turns out facer wont except expressions in the opacity field on a sequence animation. this ruins a smooth transition,

Any ideas?

Only thing I can come up with is put all the frames in a separate layer and apply opacity there.
Could be a lot of layers though :stuck_out_tongue:

I updated first post so you can see the progress I’ve made and added inspection link.

Now, blood drains from Dracula title with battery drain.

back to the transitions… Is there a better way to time the transitions and also have the smooth trans instead of on/off for Dracula and the bat?

there is interpAccel and interpDecel to make smooth transitions

Thanks for the idea! I went ahead with milliseconds to do quicker transition. I published it today.