[WiP] Iron Man / War Machine armor details

A short time ago a topic came up that I find very exciting.
I like the suits from Iron Man and War Machine.
But I get bored quickly when only the helmet or the arc reactor are copied from google.
It has nothing to do with creativity.

Well, it’s not easy to transfer the abundance of great details of these suits into another theme.
I’ve been trying to wrap my car around for years.

I’ve looked at all of the 50+ armor now and they all have great details of their own.
But what does this topic actually do?

I have no idea … :rofl:

That’s why I do what I’m good at.
I look for nice details that are usually overlooked and turn them into faces.

Here’s the first quick try.
Perhaps someone will recognize the spot in the suit where these components are present in a very similar form.
Little tip, it’s from the MK2.


Linda tela!!!

Beautiful screen!!!


That’s roughly how I imagined it.

Has anyone recognized the shape?


Amigo nem imagino como criar uma tela assim mas, é lindíssima… :clap: :clap: :clap:

Friend, I can’t even imagine how to create a screen like that, but it’s beautiful… :clap: :clap: :clap:


While this topic doesn’t seem to inspire many to write, I hope it at least inspires creativity.

Here is the template for this first face.

I have now made the central display larger for my bad eyesight.
It may not seem quite as coherent, but it is easy to read.


Testing time


Looking Good Sir .


It looks nice, but I could not see any relation to ironman, until you put the reference there.
(maybe because I am not so much into the marvel series, they are like canapes for me :slight_smile:,
just gulp and gimme more)


This is the topic I meant in the first post.
There are just so many elements that are beautiful but unobtrusive.
Because of this, the faces that are yet to come in the area will not be named directly related to Iron Man.
If you don’t know, you won’t recognize it.

I always want to show that you can find beautiful details everywhere if you just look.
The template for an independent design can come from anywhere.
Look at the world and make something great out of what you see.