[WIP]Pro Tempore

Hi all. I have been working this project off and on for over two weeks. I am struggling with a workable battery level indicator that fits into this design. As I do not want to copy what other have done, I am asking for ideas that are unique but that I might be able to work into this face. Before anyone asks, I am not planning to add a second hand unless it becomes a deal breaker for users.

Thanks in advance for any assist here.

looks nice! I sometimes face the same struggle as power level is one of the things I feel is essential on a smart watch face. Occasionally I’ll resign to tasking the seconds hand with power indicator in dim. Better than nothing! But sometimes it’s just going to have to be absent. Often if I’ve developed an idea pretty far with no bat indicator, it becomes harder to accept it visually because I’ve gotten used to the look without. But I also find if I go ahead and try out an idea and wear it for a while it gives it a chance to grow on me.

Ironically I’m in the exact same boat on one right now. I’ve got a WIP which I love the clean dial and balance without a power indicator but I really want to include one. So I went ahead and did the graphics for kind of an unconventional idea and I’m wearing it now to see how I feel about it. Already I’m thinking it’s going to be ok.

So my advice is go ahead and put something in there and wear it. As far as ideas, since it’s an analog design, maybe browse around some real watch photos for inspiration. There are many many ways you’ll see the power indicator dealt with.

Hi @ircrotale
The design is very beatiful, it will damage the look if you just throw a battery indicator

I noticed their is no seconds hand, I used the seconds hand on my newest design which by the idea came from @kvansant (thank you) were you can touch the seconds dial and it will show the battery level

Another idea would be to use the center of the tick marks, they seem to be transparent, instead of using green/red or whatever combination of colors, use white, make it change to darker color near the lower end of the battery level, may be even just blink the date if reaches a certain level

I agree with @kvansant; a battery indicator of some sort must be visible in a way or the other on the watch face since these are digital watches that consume a lot of energy.

For me, I just need to know roughly how much battery is remaining, I don’t need to know exactly how much is there…

I hope this helps

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You could do a super fine batt progress bar on the outer edge. Like this…


If you try a little, you can also paint over individual points inside the drawing in the inner circle or circles, as long as they don’t stand out too much in color :slightly_smiling_face:

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I agree with @ozarour, using the center of the tickmarks would work, using white or something else that fits the design

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I really like this idea.

Lots of great ideas, guys. Thank you all.