[WIP] What do you think of this one?

I’m trying something itty-bitty different this time around, but not in terms of design but rather under the hood solutions. Facer tends to really let down on fonts, be it vertical and horizontal lines that can be seen and put me off, or low overall shape quality.

So for this project, I’m trying to replace as many fonts with images, while at the same time trying to keep the number of elements as low as possible. You can see it, for example, in the month wheel. Instead of 12 separate images that I would normally do, I’ve created a rotating disc with shortened month names and obscured 11/12th of it.
I’m trying to figure out how to approach day in month in a similar way, for now it’s 10 elements for single digits, and 3 for tens digits.

I’ll be happy if you want to tell me what you think - both in terms of under-the-hood solutions and overall aesthetic, design etc. Keep in mind - work in progress, some elements are still missing :wink:

EDIT: The battery has a little trick to it - there’s a cutout in the main layer, and below it are the background and foreground images. First is stationary and the yellow-glowing fill simply rotates. This helped me reduce work required as I initially wanted to go with Battery element, and the 20-odd images for it but that seemed not worth the effort.


To reduce layers number, I would repeat the little trick. Put in arc with transparent weekday letters and put yellow “hand” below them, that would rotate below current week day. For further reduction, you could also use date ring below a black mask with window. It does not need to have common pivot point in the middle.


I think that’s brilliant all round, especially love the ring with Days, Date, AM/PM, and 24 on it, and how you’ve done the Digital numbers, excellent work :clap:

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I think it’s already looking good. I like the font for the digits


Done - works exactly like you described and as it should :smiley:

I should finish working on it soon, just adding as many signs as I can come up with.
I’ve found it here: Segmented type appreciation corner (very cool site!) and it is based on industry display unit AD24 by USASYCK.
The webpage contains all regular letters, numbers and a few signs but I’m working on it to incorporate as many extra signs as possible. There are no {}, [, <> or () at the moment, for example. Funnily enough ] is there, haha.


Hello, first of all I would like to say that I really like the design. In my opinion, it is always a very good solution not to use the standard font elements but to design them yourself (here using the Arc function) which just makes the whole thing much more professional. BECAUSE - it just looks better. :slight_smile: Very well done.
Many greetings

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