Wish List - Which "Real" watch would you get if money was no object?

Kind of curiosity question, thought it would be fun to discuss on the forum with all users. You just hit the Powerball and are now sitting on a third of a billion, which “Real” watch would you get if you had the money?

I’ve got a Pinterest account with probably hundreds of faces I like and have gotten inspiration from. Same thing on Instagram.

So what would it be? Rolex, Breitling, Omega, or something else?


Urwerk 210

I’d get the latest Omega Aqua Terra bond version. They made it out of an anti-magnetic movement with a really sick display caseback. I read that Omega is using this technology in more of their movements, but I really think this is one of their best looking watches. Not the most expensive watch in the world, but definitely on the top of my wish list and I’m saving up for it.