Won't activate faces

I paid for a premium membership and MOST of the faces won’t activate on my watch. I click the blue button and it does nothing. I’m using the Samsung Galaxy 3.

Another person had this issue - they solved it by updating all of their software, operating systems, Facer Apps, Companion Apps, etc. Maybe it will help you too if you have not already updated yours.

Same issue. Has worked fine for over a year and I’m one of those people that always keep everything up to date.

Just restarted everything, uninstalled and reinstalled Facer. Everything is bang up to date. Still can’t change faces.

Have you sent an email to Facer?
Include the full version numbers for your operating systems on phone and watch.

Yes I did. I got no reply from Facer.

Be patient. I’m sure they will reply.

Hi @rreynolds5595,

Can you share the ticket ID you received when you contacted us? I’ll escalate internally. Thanks!