Won't connect to gear s2

My daughter got a Samsung Gear S2 classic for Christmas but she’s unable to get the facer companion app loaded. Whenever we try to download it, a window pops up and says that the app doesn’t exist. Please help! She has a galaxy note 5 in Verizon’s network.

Hi there!

So sorry about that! Can you share the following information?

  • Country you live in
  • Exact model of the S2 Classic - especially if it’s a bluetooth version, or one with 3G connectivity
  • Version of Tizen your S2 Classic runs - this should be visible in the settings of your watch, in Settings > Gear Info > About Device

You may be able to install the app by opening this URL directly on your phone too: http://galxy.us/facer

If that doesn’t work, we’ll investigate and may contact Samsung to make sure your daughter can get Facer as soon as possible!


Is the wifi version of the s2 classic in rose gold. Model #sm-r732
Software version RFAH203PP2R

The tried loadine the app from the phone and a window popped up that says


Thanks! We communicated this to Samsung and we’ll update the thread as soon as possible. Can you confirm you live in the US?

Hi @cozzi.a3vp!

Would you be able to look for the Platform / Tizen version of your watch? It should look something like 2.3.2. Note that if the version is 2.3.1, you’ll need to update your watch in order to use Facer.