Word Watch Simple/Advanced


This is my first showcase. I have been working on this watch face for a bit(Mostly expression work), but now its done. As the title implies is a word watch. I honestly expected to find that this sort of watch face was already created, but I didnt found any in english. So I made one.

Thats the simple version.

And the Advanced version.
Its a shame that the website doesnt have a toggle to change the gyroscope values, but it works on the phone app. The advance version uses the gyros to change parts of the face. First it shows the current weather, date, and battery info. The second step switches from the words to a digital clock.

Fair warning both faces uses a lot of layers.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

I’ve seen a few like this, but it looks good. I might consider adding a little more contrast to the “dark” text by making it a little darker. Also curious to see how it would look on a square face. Is the border around the text redundant?

Really? I searched the store for with multiple queries, but only found one in spanish. I would love to see what other people have done differently.

The dark text its just white with 40% opacity. That way I can swap backgrounds easily… As long as the background doesnt have a ton of white.
The border is redundant when the lit background its a color or a image. When I was creating and testing it I had a black background. I added that shape as a quick and easy way to determine if the watch face was lit or dim.

Now the dark text is at 20%. Thanks for the tip.

Slick. Nice job!