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(Work in Progress) Disc player ? ... no name and idea yet

The plan was quite different.
When working, things sometimes go in a different direction than planned.
And that’s why I want to show this here.
I’m very curious myself how this is developing and which ideas are still being incorporated.

The outer ring with the bridge will likely be chrome or silver.
The deepest level gets a rough surface.
And the large plate got a dark shiny surface.


To me it resembles some kind of disc player.


I think there used to be a disc player with a similar look.
I also had a food processor in mind.
And about 30 years ago there were rims for cars with optical 1 spoke.

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I’m not sure if talking about the disc player was a good idea. :rofl:


Makes me think of a record cutter/lathe…

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the player is running


very cool so far


The technique is ready.
The test run can begin.
The next few days I’ll make the top cover nice.


Are you rotating an object, or is that a gif? Will you open it for inspection?

this is an object that rotates.
If I make this available for download, it´s open for inspection.

I chose matt white.
chrome or color would have been too much.
This gives a nice contrast to the strong color of the glass and the displays.

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I must say, I liked it better before, the white is a bit too white for me. Not a fan of the orange either. I’m getting an “Overwatch” vibe here and I don’t think it fits the blue/green.

Then again, your watch, your choice :wink:

the orange is just the warning color of the battery indicator.
Over 20% batt it also lights up completely ice blue.

I thought it would be too plain with a gray frame.
well, that’s how it fits into the planned age.
So for me it symbolizes the feeling I had in the 90s.

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Yeah, I was just envisioning my wife’s discman from the 90s, it was grey :wink:

I guess the battery indicator being orange below 20% is acceptable :stuck_out_tongue:
The lines of the icon are a bit thin, but I guess I’d have to see it on the watch.

Does the watch follow 12h/24h settings? Or does it always show AM/PM?

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The AM PM display is only active in 12-hour mode.
In the 24h, the two displays are black.

I think someday I’ll have to make a Walkman.
I grew up more in the 80s.
In the 90s I remember more techno raves, weird pills and neon colors. :rofl:

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yeah walkmans > discmans lol

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