Work in progress - Gauss "Silverlight"

As you all know i love black watch faces but i always wanted to create a shimmering silver one, this is the result so far:

Do you like?

I only wish smartwatches were capable to display a 1280x1280 pixel resolution to show all the details.

Greetings, GAUSS.


That is wonderful! I love all the shiny detail.

I imagine it would also look good as a darker high contrast face.

Well done as always!

Thank you. But now i am in a dilemma… Should i make the AOD in a darker silver look or the whole watch faces in black for minimization of battery consumption…

Yes tricky :confused:

My personal preference is for my watch to look basically the same whenever I look at; that means that the bright and dim faces on all my designs are basically the same - sometimes I increase the contrast for the dim mode but I still use the same basic face.

Of course, as you point out, with your very bright silver face that won’t be possible. Still, it is a nice problem to have and it keeps the creative juices flowing :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing what you decide.

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As always awesome!

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Thank you both.

I just found a nice solution to my dilemma - the user can decide: You now can switch the whole watch face to black in normal mode and it will always turn black in AOD-Mode…

Tap on the 9 o´clock area to see the silver/black version and the 3 o´clock area for color change in the display fields.


Good choice! It looks great in both modes and the user can choose, who could ask for more? :slight_smile:

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Cant wait to test drive this one.

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Thank you, @chadwgraves37!

I hope you will like it.

Fantastic design! I love this metallic surface! :heart_eyes:
Every single parts are beautiful!

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Thank you very much!!

Update: Added a multiple choice display field with 5 information variations. Just tap on the main field on the right to try out.