Work in Progress. GAUSS-Wheels

This is the third fine art watch face, matching GAUSS-Ypsilon and GAUSS-Circles. Name will be GAUSS-Wheels.

Special thanks to @csuporantal for helping me with the formula for the double date wheel!!

It´s not yet finished but will be customizable…

I hope you gonna like it.

Greetings, GAUSS.


It is an honor for me to could help you! Fantastic design! Congratulations!

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Wow!! I cannot wait until this one is published. Excellent work.

Thank you @chadwgraves37!

Created some nice hands today!

Final stage: Added customization options.

If you want to try out just tap at the 3,6,9,12 o´clock positions in the outer area.

You should have a look, @csuporantal, @chadwgraves37, it´s worth it … :wink:

Black, Gold, Copper, silver, red, green, blue choosable.

You can now change the background, the inner field, the small bezels and the outer ring.

I hope you will like, i already enjoy it a lot.

Greetings, GAUSS.


:clap: Brilliant work! Love it! :slight_smile:

Thank you! But i like your silver one (supernova) as well a lot!

some serious skills, how long does it take you to create one of this caliber.

Thank you very much! The supernova is already 1 km deep somewhere in the list of new watches, although I published 3 days ago. :laughing:

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It´s very easy to get addicted to watchfacing, isn´t it? :wink:

For me it´s pure zen.

@dave6: Good question … How long does it take …?

Never counted the hours before.

I will try to get realistic values for this case.

Handsketching: 1h
2D construction in AutoCAD: 4h
3D construction in AutoCAD: 6h
3D rendering in AutoCAD of each single part: 2h
Graphic tuning of all objects in Photoshop: 4h
Reassembling and coding in Facer:4h

All in all: 21h

But i must say that i am very skilled and fast with both AutoCAD and Photoshop…

Wow, clearly you are as I would of expected quadruple that with that kind of detail.

I would love to see what you would come up with in a watch for Bikers or petrol heads :wink:

To be honest … i don´t know. I once was thinking about a V-engine as watch face…

@Tomas made a great engine watch once:

I don´t have any clue how he built this awesome animations.


It looks amazing. Could be your best yet. Can’t wait until its published.

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Very nice design as always! Lots of information on the watch laid out carefully as to not over power the look!

Great color scheme too…


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Thank you very much!

I do my very best.