Work in Progress... GAUSS-Ypsilon

Another work in Progress … GAUSS -Ypsilon - Just a preview - Customization still to do … Illumination optional

I hope you already enjoy …

The picture below shows the 2D-CAD-Construction.

Greetings, GAUSS


Wow this is amazing! Not going to lie, also really like the way the 2D-CAD construction looks.

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Thank you very much @Orion!

Wow - Very impressive. Are you planning on making this so you can change the red to other colors?

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Yes. Light colours will be: red, green, blue, orange, cyan and white.

The deco elements in red, blue, green, silver, black, copper and gold.

The main field background in black, walnut wood, carbone fibre and some colours…

Maybe i make the Y in metals as well but i don´t know yet…

Light is already operative now. Refresh the browser window and click on the time display. By clicking on the black day of week plate you can change the deco elements…


You totally could do a 2d version all lit up HUD style and it would also be cool.



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Thanks a lot, @eradicator09 . The light effects are not made with 3d… they are all handdrawn in PS.

Same are the shadow layers…

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Your technic is always at the top!

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Wow! Thanks a lot for the nice words, @dario.marnoni. You are doing very good stuff as well!

Customization is ready now, only dim features and lock button functionality to add.

If you want to try out

Upper black bezel: Deco elements
Moon globe: Main Y-Element
Time display: Light color
Black Bezel below: Background texures

Greetings, GAUSS.


Phantasico, another masterpiece!


That’s why I call him the Grandmaster!!!


All your stuff is awesome! This is no exception.

Question: How do you deal with very long weather descriptions? I got one the other day “light intensity showers rain”. Doesn’t look like much here, but on a tiny watch face, it’s WAY too long.


This is awesome, Love the Red color choice of course ( My fav) lol

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Well - in my watch faces i never had that long weather condition descriptions.

I think i couldn´t do a lot if such long descriptions are displayed.The informations come unfiltered form the weather app.

The only solution i know is to use own predefined conditions but they would be only in english…


Very cool and professional looking style, I love the green!


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Thanks for sharing the acad pictures. Very interesting to see the work behind the scene!

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You‘re welcome. This is the first stage, the 2d layouting process. Next part is converting in 3d objects. These are separatly saved and assembled again in Photoshop. After that, the tuning of the raw material begins.

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Thanks for the reply. And keep up the awesome work!

Beautiful! :heart_eyes:
I am looking forward to seeing samples of the other colors.