Work in progress-- Please give your opinion My aim is to have Minimal styles inspired by luxury designs but obviously cannot use brand names.

I like it. :slight_smile: It may be just the way it displays on my computer, but what do you think about adding more contrast between the background color and the text so that the information is easier to see?

I also like it. Reminds me of some classic chronometers that I’ve owned.
The tinted background does mute the contrast to the outer numbers but that can be a good thing to reduce some of the face “noise.” However it also mutes contrast to the minute hand. Perhaps a darker blue for the minute hand would resolve that while keeping the background intact.

Nice job.

Hi Thanks for the feedback… will look into it

Nice work so far. I would make the tachymeter and telemeter darker for more contrast and as well desaturate them a little bit.

And you should add some shadows to all hand to give the face more depth…

Greetings, GAUSS.

Good job, but follow the advice of Phantasico and it will definitely improve.

Thanks for all the feedback… I have made some amendments… Will look into shadows on the hands… I’m new to this so will have to research how to do so… I appreciate the feedback

Hi Phantasico. Unfortunately the dials and numbers are a scan of an original vintage so cannot change them… i have attempeetd to create a shadow with the accelerometer but its jumpy. I used the following codes in X and Y position. for X = (160+((accelerometerRawX())(-160))) and for Y = (160+((accelerometerRawY())(-160)))
… is there a better way to do this?
Many thanks

i think ive got it… im trying to be too complicated and as a beginner i should keep it simple… will make my shadows and repost…

OK Peeps… have added shadows… what do you think?

Looks better now with shadows!

Much better! Looks great. It wasn’t my eyes after all. :clap:
Keep up the good work!

Nicely done! Much better all around.

Thanks guys