Working gears, how should it be done?

so im trying to implement some working gears, and my question is:

is this how you should make it?

For the reverse gear i used the expression ( -#DWFSS#)

Is this correct?

Thank you and im loving this ! :smiley:

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Absolutly right.

If you want them faster or slower use a factor.


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Thank you!
i thought it would be harder!

Another thing: i’ve seen someone using If Else statments, For cycles and so on… can it be used?? For what purpose?

Thanks again!

You can combine actions, make them timebased.

For example show an specific object every second or fade in after 2 second after the watch awakens from dim mode and many other things.

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makes sense!

thank you so much!


You are correct, but not quite correct.

The two gears will match cycles (other than +ve/-ve) only if they have same gear pitch, are drawn to the same scale, and have the same number of teeth. Otherwise, the speed ratio is the number-of-teeth to number-of-teeth.

Try with these, to practice: (8 & 12 teeth pinion(s), 24 tooth wheel) [filename: gear/pinion teeth pitch centre]


gear 24:  #DWFSS#
pinion 12: (-#DWFSS#*24/12+(360/12)*0.0))

Change 0.0 to 0.5 (or 0.25) to fully mesh gear teeth.

And: gear 36 12 6

PS. I just made these quickly, and place NO restriction on their (re-)use.

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oh i get it! we have to sync the gears so they look perfectly alligned!