Working on a special Valentine Watch face

Hi @ll. At the moment, i am working on a special Valentine watch face called “Open heart”

It´s not yet ready but the base is already there. I hope you enjoy. Greetings, GAUSS.


It looks woderful… if I may suggest to do the hands in a contrasting color for clarity…

Great job

Thank you. I will for sure change the hands - the second hand is only for testing purposes.

Looking good!

Thank you, @mikeoday!

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WooHoo, looking great as always!

Very nice !
The spring movements really make this “geared” heart alive !

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Thank you both! Yes, the spring and the tourbillon look really like the heart is alive.

I turned out better as i thought.

At start it was simply an idea how it could look alike.


Out now! :slight_smile: