Working on active/dim...strange behavior

So I took your challenge Russellcresser, and have been playing with day/dim modes, and #DISDAYTIME# tag. Have yet to get it working as desired.
I have one watch, worthless content, strictly for trying to play with it. Sketchy at best.

Then also started to work on this new face. I sync it to my watch over and over to see “real” output.

The odd thing is, it works perfect on my watch. It automatically switches to the dim mode, without having to use the DISDAYTIME. But on the computer, one screen looks correct, the next shows wacky layers when they should(nt) show.
In my gallery, you don’t even see the badge face. Just some behind the scenes shapes. lol…it’s possessed.

Also, I want to give shout and credit to MAG. I’m copying your naming convention. That is genious. Hope you don’t mind.

Inspection mode…I don’t seem to see it on any of my shares, and I know I’m selecting it. I also have yet to see it on any one else’s work. Do I have to achieve a certain status before I’m able to see/use the inspection icons?


And it just dawned on me the difference between DIM and #DISDAYTIME# lol. Duh.


@WillyB Yeah a lot to learn. If you want invoke someones attention within a Topic you put @ in front of thier forum name so @russellcresser. If it does not pop up just type a few of the characters and it should begin to appear.
If a link has been posted here with inspection on you have to click on the title of the face down there on the left. You then get a preview page with the Little Rocket on the left again.
When you are on the website it is a 1 step process.
Difficult working on SR SS stuff we can only sim on day on Creator.
I wii lave a look at your test in a minute on my Laptop.
I could not inspect WB_FR1.
Well done on your Vet Tribute. Did you see the one I did for our mutual Friend.

Just had a look at you shadow test . Now you know the difference between DIM and #DISDAYTIME# you should crack it . You cane use " false " with #DISDAYTIME# I always do what you have done . Never going to see your shadow play over a Black Background .
#DISDAYTIME# should always simulate with the Time Machine 24hrs Slider but only for Today with the Time Machine Play and FF buttons. if you need more help catch us here . I have switched Tracking on the notifications for this on e so I should not miss a thing.


Your fine on copying my naming, I copied it off someone else as well. :grin:


@WillyB When you tap to Share and see the link to copy, there should be the option to turn Inspection On/Off at the bottom right corner of the Share window…

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Along with what @icrltd4 said, I’ve noticed sometimes the creator won’t put the share link on the page for a new unpublished watch face. It doesn’t always happen but sometimes does. If you can’t find it there will be a blank spot and if you click it, the share option will still work.



Since I was shown the inspection functionality, I ensure it is on for every link I post up. No fail.


:joy: Well it’s Off on WB_FR1 :joy:
eg 00


lol…thats fine. Bust my chops allll ya like. But Im tellin ya, since shown, I ensure it is checked every time.

But again, I also never see it in anyone elses postings.
I am using the Mac app vs web ui. Could it be a bug?


I Dunno Gif 01

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@WillyB . Sorry to say this . when things do desperately wrong I log out of Facer and Delete the Browsing Data for Google . Then start again having to Log in again to Facer and everything else . Drastic Measures .