Working on Browser View but not watch

Hi I made this face in a few colors and for some reason the steps% progress works fine in editor and viewer and when publish, but on my Galaxy Watch 4 its not showing correctly and on the facer mobile apps its also not showing any ideas ?

Formula I have is simple - (clamp(#ZSC#, 0, 10000)/20000) 160x160


Whenever I am doing a steps progress that is less than a full circle, I do the same kind of formula. It works on my GW4 and GW4 Classic just fine. You might need to restart your watch. I contacted @Facer_Official about heart rate and step count not showing up correctly on the GW4 watches. They are aware of the heart rate issue but not any problems with steps. They said to tell everyone to restart their watches and if that didn’t fix the problem to contact Facer Support and start a ticket with them. They want to know the watch model, operating system version and Facer version so they can start searching for the underlying issue.

BTW I turn my watches off every time I charge the battery. That way whenever I wear it again it is fully charged and on a fresh restart. I never seem to have these kinds of issues with any of my watches.



if you ask a question it’s a good idea to enable inspector mode…
Somebody here will help you for sure but we cannot see what you’ve done wrong.

Also, I don’t have any problem with steps on Watch 4.

And the heartrate - it is what it is. I’ve lost any hope that it will be fixed.

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