WORLD TIME is almost ready

Hey all,

Here’s a blast from the past… This is an upgrade of my Aileron 2 Gold which was my winning design for Samsung’s world-wide Watch Dial Design Competition in 2017. It also served as my entry into the Premium Designer pool as entry to the program was part of the prize package for the 5 finalists. Now that interactivity is configurable, I’ve bolted on an entire second face (World Time) to this watch and added a bunch of other stuff.

I’d like to thank @GAUSS for the tap-wheel-shift idea for time zones and @andrew.dowden for some of the math ideas. I’ve got a lot of trials and errors in this world time face and thought the time zones and the aircraft styling for world travelers kinda went together.

As to the time zones… They work with a fair amount of caveats:

  1. Obviously there’s no accomodation for half-hour time zones. Sorry India, Nepal, and Newfoundland

  2. The only time constant is UTC time. The whole point of it being a constant is that it doesn’t change which creates some very nice daylight savings problems. In the end and eventually becoming fed up with it, I made a VAR_x toggle to turn daylight savings time on and off for the 1-hour shift against UTC. Not every country switches to DS on the same day so there’s also some shuffling that has to go on between Winter and Summer. In any event, the user can use the toggle for whenever they need. I tried to satisfy MOST of the planet for MOST of the year. oh well…

  3. EXTRA ZERO: #DUHZ# very nicely displays the lead zero between 00:00 and 10:00, until you add it to a math formula. Then it switches back to numeric and you lose the lead zero. I had to right-justify the zone 2 hour next to the colon and “place” an extra zero as an added layer. The extra zero layer only appears when the ZONE 2 hour formula calculates between 00:00 and 09:59.

  4. MINUS MODULUS: Unlike Excel, the Facer mod(%) function actually goes negative if the numerator becomes negative. As such, I needed two conditions to cover positive and negative VAR_x values like this:
    The VAR_3 is the UTC offset and the VAR_2 is the daylight savings toggle.

  5. Round and round: Decrementing the VAR_x far enough pushes the formula for the extra zero (#3 above) far enough out of range that the extra zero doesn’t appear anymore. I added a VAR_x reset to set the VAR back to zero which sets the wheel back to London (which is actually inaccurate because of BST daylight savings… gawddd!)

  6. 24-hours for ZONE2: I tried and tried to accommodate #Db# hours for both local and zone 2 times to no avail. Eventually I threw my hands up and said ZONE 2 time is always 24-hour world time format. The 24-hr format is more widely used around the world. Sorry Twelvers(12).

  7. AM/PM - I added AM/PM to the local time even though you can set your preference to 24-hour. There’s no tag to read user preference and the best I can do is hide PM when #Db# = 13-23. It isn’t worth the trouble to build so am/pm shows all the time on local. Sorry 24-hr purists.

  8. The list of cities around the wheel is inspired by the Patek Phillipe 5930G world timer.

I’m almost done with it - starting the DIM mode work now… when I’m done, I’ll publish with inspection open. Take whatever you need off it. Almost done.



very cool. I like them both but favor face 2 because im partial to digital

You guys are awesome …I love viewing all the creative work you guys do.

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Great work, @jmorga106!

I can‘t wait to see the finished watchface.

One suggestion: Maybe you could add some selectable colours. Could be interesting for the user.


Thanks @GAUSS. Yes everything you see in gold is already themeable.


You can avoid negative numbers altogether, by adding 24. So UTC -5 is (-5 + 24) = 19.

As long as it does not affect the day (not tomorrow, yesterday), then you don’t need additional logic.

[quote=“jmorga106, post:1, topic:25610”]8… The list of cities around the wheel is inspired by the Patek Phillipe 5930G world timer.

I’m working on Daylight / Summer Time rules / calendar logic for the top cities …

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lol duh! the thought never even occurred to me. Maybe that’s why the tag is #DUH# :smile: thanks!


Excuse me asking, I am new to all this, but how can I add the AM and PM to my Face show it shows correctly?

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That’s great, thank you so very for coming to my assistance yet again lucky.andrei :grinning::+1:

Be carefull with those, they are localized. In my country they are a.m. and p.m., so the above will not work. Better to check $#DH#>=12?100:0$ for PM and $#DH#<12?100:0$ for AM

Thanks guys, but big shout to MrAntisocialguy for guiding me through things, I’ve found the AM/PM Tags now thanks :smiley:

Just to muddy the waters here, you can also do this.


Placed into a text element in the text box. And like @ThaMattie said if you want it to be for a country like he’s in you can modify that to ?p.m.:a.m. That’s one of the nice things about Facer, there is more than one way to do a lot of things.

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