World Time Watchface?

I was thinking of creating a watch with world time rings, similar but not the same as the attached image, as there is no functionality option with Facer is it possible to have a working version that granted may only work in UK but will show world time at a glance. Posting this for a general discussion on the topic and would welcome all input and suggestion

I would suggest you to have that outer ring (short names) as a separate image, that rotates, based on the difference between current time and current UTC time. This way it could work for everyone.

Please walk me through this as I’m being really thick, I agree with rotating disc, i’m going to have 24 short names, running clockwise from London each name is +1 hour consecutively, anti-clockwise from LON each name is -1 hour consecutively. What parameter (TAGS) do I apply to the ring?

Not one, you will have to create a code for it.
Since we can assume that minutes and seconds will be the same in all those countries it will be easier.
Thake current time in hours (24 not 12 formats of course) and subtract from it current UTC time in hours.
Then divide it by 24 and multiply by 360 (this will give you rotation angle).
You might need to tweak it a bit (eg.: by adding additional rotation to calibrate its position) and make sure that it rotates in the right way.

Hi Peter, understand the logic but I’ve no idea how to write the code

#DH# - hour in day (0-23)
#DUH# - hour in day UTC (0-23)




change x in order to adjust rotation

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Put in code but no rotation, Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more

You won’t see any rotation - it will change position based on the time the user is using.
If you want to see a difference - change timezone on your watch.

When I open it up I see MEX on top, you need to adjust rotation because I live in the +2 time zone and I should get BER or CAI.

if it doesn’t rotate how does the time for each region change as the time locally changes?

I’ve just changed the degree of rotation, think that’s worked. Do you think inner ring should read: 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 etc and apply same tag as outer ring?

Now I have DEN, try putting “-” before 360 in order to reverse rotation and then adjust it again.

No, it shouldn’t, if you add them then they should move with the outer ring and show the change in the time zone (if one is in +3, or -3 hours time zone).

am I missing the point shouldn’t i just apply standard hourly smooth rotation TAG to both inner and outer rings? DWFKS

When you have a normal 24 hour, analog face it shows 12 on top, 24 on the bottom, 18 on the right and 6 on the left (+ other ones between). If +x and -x would move with hour hand it would mean that either your timezone is changing (vs those cities you listed), or that timezones in those cities are changing.

Everyone is living in a time zone (for me it is now +2 UTC (+1 for Poland and +1 for summer time)) so on my watch, it should show my city (or the major city in my time zone) with its time zone (+2) on top; and if someone lives in London it should show 00 on top along with LON.

Do you get it?
If not let me know what timezone are you in, I will try to explain it from your perspective.

And you have the “-” ones flipped vertically.

please try this one, let me know where your timezone falls

I get -11 RMI on top, so still no.

And I told you that you have the “-” ones flipped.
In the vicinity of 0 it should go like this: (…), -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, (…)

If you want to test it out yourself, change #DH# for a current hour in that country you want to test that for.