WornAsphalt v2 first post here

If you have any suggestion, dont hesitate to share with me… sry. i am just noob designer padawan ;-))))


Looks very good. I like the hands and the colours. Weather forecast / condition doesn‘t fit in the Box. Overall very nice.

Yeah, but sometimes the weather text simply toooooo long…

I saw your works… they are looks amazing… If i pleased can you share me some tags? I have problems with the math, and just try sometimes to calibrate the sub hads…

THNX dude!

Thank you. What kind of tags do you mean…? In general you can find them here:

What do you mean in detail? What’s your question. If I am able I will help you. The community here is great with help, too!

How calculate the starting and ending point ex. this face on step count… how can calculate with different quantity of steps (not 20 k just 10 k.) and how define the starting point and rotation direction… and many more questions i have, but i have some blueprints and difficult to make it without this info… always looking perfect example, which is inspectable, and search the correct tags…

Step count of this watch is not that difficult:
add in the rotation field:


240 is the left end of the scale (start).
120 is the right end of the scale (end).
Difference is 120 divided by 20.000 steps.
If you divide by 10.000 steps you will get a smaller scale.

If you want to turn the Hand in the other direction you have to start at 120 and add the steps:


If you have a scale of 10.000 steps and you run higher, you have do duplicat the first step hand with a transparency
and a formula for the rotation from 10k to 20k steps, i.e.:

Look at this example (inspection mode is active):

Wow… good to learn how its work. the formula is the same with battery and for ex. day of thew week?


i must to try…

Just for the clear view:
day of the week:


BLP ist Percentage. Use #BLN#

Rest should work.