Would like some feedback

Would like some feedback on my latest 2 watches…

All About Date+ Blue 2

All About Date+ 2 Red

I worry the words seems a bit too small to read.

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its awesome, but as Jimmy says, the text bit small, hard to read it out

The lighting is cool @adyhr, nice effect. I’ll third the text being a bit small, but I also wanted to point that out in your ANJ logo medallion at the top. Maybe remove the “dots” around ANJ, they’re way too small to see and let the ANJ letters take up all of that space in the circle. If you weren’t going to rotate the circle, then I would place the A top center with the N bottom left and the J bottom right.

HTH, John

Thanks all for the feedback… great suggestions

I have taken your suggestions to heard. If you wouldn’t mind, could you have another look?

Thanks do much … :smiley: