Would you rather have facer only work for apple watch or gear watch

I would probably have facer use gear watch

That’s a troubling question. I’m a big fan of Apple products, but I’d never buy an Apple watch, well not until they design a watch that looks like a watch. I held off buying a wearable until the Gear S3 Frontier was released, and even bought an android phone so I could utilise all the watch functionality. So if facer was for Apple only I’d be baulked. Why can’t it be for both, or better still if you have to commit to one or the other make a whole new Apple-Facer for the Apple platform, may be they’d open up the architecture so we could do more than a lame photo album.

I am an Android fan, and I never had any Apple products on my own.

But to answer your question I need to specify it:
Would you use only a smartwatch with a current version of Apple OS for smartwatches, or a watch with a current version of Tizen OS assuming I would use only Facer for its face?

To that question, I answer - Gear Watches, mostly because Facer is nothing on Apple watch, compared to Android Wear, or Tizen. If Apple ever gives creators more option in customizing then I might change my mind (we all know they won’t).