Wrong gps place

Hello, i wonder do more people experience trouble’s with the place were you are and what the Galaxy watch/ facer app on the phone (pixel 4a) and watch are showing. I live in a village and I get the name of a even smaller village next to us.
Every other app on my phone that uses GPS is showing the correct place (my village).
I wonder is there a sollution for this problem?:man_shrugging:t3:
Kind regards from the Netherlands. :grin:

The location reported on a Facer watchface is from OpenWeather. It’s not really your location, but the closest location to you supplying weather information for that area. I’m lucky in that OpenWeather has a volunteer weather station in my town that is sharing weather information with OpenWeather. That being said my location is always where I am. Others are not so fortunate as I am.


Ok thanks for the reply :relaxed:
But i have open weather on my phone and it the right place… or do you mean someone with a weather station that supply info to the net from that place??
That would be so stupid cause every phone has gps and could use that info… but ok… you can’t help it :wink: thanks again for the effort to reply

I have the phone app and OpenWeather uses the phone’s GPS location for it. The Facer app, I believe, is using the OpenWeather reporting station as the location. There have been several people complain over the years about the location being wrong on Facer watchfaces. I would love for @Facer_Official to chime in and set the record straight on just how it determines your location, but so far, they have been silent on this subject.


Hello, I enjoying this conversation.
Before I enjoying the beta in my watch there was the right location (“Alfonsine” in my case) but now I read “comune di Ravenna” so the string is too long and report a half-not correct location.
Is there a way to back to previous right location? Is something changed about it?

Sometimes at takes a extra few seconds to load a watch face but other than that no problem

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Yes, today back to work well as always. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face: