Wrong Location Display

Can I change or update my location?
The location that the watch shows is very far from where I live, I tried a few watch faces but the app always shows the wrong one, even though Weather and Map apps show my location correctly, Facer doesn’t and I want to see if there is any way to change or update more precisely my location

I have the most recent Update, both in Watch (Gear S3 Frontier) and Phone (Samsung S9+)

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Welcome @oscarinmago37 . Have you switched the GPS on for your watch ?

If you mean turn on and off the GPS, yes, but rarely, just to refresh the results, but it stays the same

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Location is determined from your nearest mast, so it’s quite often some distance away sorry.

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The location Facer shows you is the closest OpenWeather weather station to where you are at. It is not your actual physical location determined by your watch’s GPS.