Wrong time showing

Hi this is my first post. I own a huawei watch 2. I’ve done a trip in new orleans were there is one hour difference from my home. When I went there the time on the watch change accordingly. Now that I’ve come back it has not change back. If I change to the stock from the watch (huawei stock face) It shows the right time. If I go to the facer app and change to a new face it show the right time on the app but went I loaded on the watch it off by one hour. Any idea how to make the facer face show the right time ? Thanks.

Hmm that’s strange. Maybe just restart your watch and make sure your GPS is on. Watch and/or phone. That should force facer to re-evaluate your location.

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The restart of the watch did the trick. Should of tought of that… Thanks for the help Orakix.

Haha no worries, just glad it’s working now.