Wrong weather data

Hi to all of you good people.
I’m trying to make my first watch face but I’m having problems getting correct data for weather tags
I’m using:
#WTH#…Today’s High…
#WTL#…Todays’ Low…
#WFAH#…Forecast Day 1 High…
#WFAL#… Forecast Day 1 Low…
I have also noticed that some other existing watch faces from other users have wrong data.

For example:
DT-05 - correct
A.D. - wrong (same as mine)
METEOThree R2 - wrong, which is actually strange because it was made by same author as DT-05
IDK, if it makes any difference, but I’m located in Croatia, Europe.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

I noticed you didn’t get any help on your question. I’m kinda late finding it, but the answer is Forecast day 1 is today and Forecast day 2 is tomorrow. If you use today’s high and low temperatures and then day 1’s high and low, it will be the same. (at least that’s my understanding of what’s happening) I always use “Forecast day 2” for tomorrow’s information.