X and Y position with minute

Hi all,
probably it’s very easy, but i cannot find the right way.
I try to position a text element with the same position of the minute.

Ex. if it’s 14:22 the text element have:
Value = #Dm#
Position X = the same position of 22 on the clock
Position Y = the same position of 22 on the clock

Can someone help me?

Thank you so much!

Someone had posted this somewhere in the forum, so I’ll repeat it here:

Circular path (last number is distance from center)

X Position:
(160 + cos((#DWFM# - 90) * ((pi)/180)) * 105)

Y Position:
(160 + sin((#DWFM# - 90) * ((pi)/180)) * 105)

Also, use the #DWFM# in the Rotation tag if you want the text element to rotate as well. If you want a smooth movement, replace #DWFM# with #DWFMS#.

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