Xiaomi Working On A WearOS Watch?!?!

Xiaomi could finally be hopping on board the WearOS bandwagon

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Ah . Thanks for posting that .

I thought I saw that someone in the Facebook Group had previously posted Faces he liked and was using on his Xiaomi Watch :thinking:
(I left that Group a little while ago because I got fed up with all the silly “Hello, I’m new, here’s a photo” posts)


Those are quite irritating. I’m to the point I skip over all those if it doesn’t show a watchface. I mostly just go on there post the latest watchface I’ve published and get right back off. I’m here in the community a lot more than I am on Facebook. Even on my own “personal” Facebook I’m not involved too deeply.


It would be nice ! I took a look at the Xiaomi Smart Watches and they seem beautiful and with all the functions. Plus at a great price.
Too bad they are currently incompatible with Facer. Let’s hope for Wear OS. Then I’ll give it a chance.
Sure, they now have AMAZING battery life. We have to see what will happen with Wear OS :thinking: