Yachting regatta countdown timer

I came across this interesting video introducing a vintage regatta watch-- which to me is a new mechanical feature I just had to research, tinker with, and get to work on a face!

So I did research it, I did tinker with it, and I did get it to work on a face. Now I’m wondering… out of all the Facer users, is there a single one who is into yacht racing?! Regardless, it was a fun and exciting project (and concept).

Controls: chrono start/stop @ 2 o’clock, and chrono reset @ 4 o’clock.


I’m impressed! I really doubt if there are very many Facer yacht racers, but oh well, it’s a fun watch face.


Nice work, looks cool :sunglasses:


yes me. I have yachting license for small sailing ships as well open water water yachts, and one for motorboats too. Check out my Nautic series. I also several faces with a yachting regatta timers. Even one which you do not need premium, it starts upon wake. :sunglasses: The TX-CR104.

I did not race sailing boats, but occasionally on a 41ft yacht.


Thank you all, it was fun learning about this specific class of watches and how they – and regatta timing in general – work.

And I’m glad there’s at least one person who knows these and is into them!

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