Yellow Arc On Watch Face?

About 3 days ago a yellow arc appeared on the right side of all the watch faces synced to my Fossil Venture watch (all my designs). At first I thought maybe I had added a progress bar and forgot about it. No, I checked a couple of my designs and no progress bar. I changed faces, and it was gone, but the yellow arc appeared again the following day. I thought it meant that something was updating, but it has remained all day today. What is this, and how do I get rid of it?

I do have the same problem on my ticwatch pro.

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In that case it’s not a Fossil problem. Is it a WearOS thing or a Facer thing? The only way I fixed it today was to design a watch face with a yellow circular progress bar that covers it, but I can’t do that for every face. :disappointed:

Does it cover from about 2 o’clock to about 4 o’clock on the right side. If so I think it’s google fit. I find that if I swipe from that direction to open google fit & then swipe it back closed it goes away. But I do notice it appearing for no apparent reason sometimes on my Fossil Sport

Hi guys just swipe your screen from the side the arc appears its a new function info bar it will clear once you read it

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Agreed, it is a the new WearOS Tiles feature and goes away once you swipe that direction.

Thanks for the info. I tried swiping in all directions yesterday. Maybe I skipped one. That’s when I tried changing faces to see if that would remove it. I’ll try again tomorrow when I have a chance to read everything. It’s annoying to have Google invading my designs like that. Is there any way to disable the tiles feature? :unamused:

[Update] I’m glad you confirmed the swipe. It took about 4 of them to dismiss that thing, but finally it’s gone for today. Thanks!

Today it took 26 swipes, but I figured out that the arc doesn’t leave until the specific Google Fit message appears asking to sign in. Other messages don’t count.

Update: The arc disappeared a week or so ago after one of Google’s updates.

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