Yet another face

As usual, all feedback is very welcome - please see description…

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Neat animation. The Dim side may need a little extra work. You could make it match the theme of the front face a little more. Since its a Las Vegas theme. Maybe find some neon lights for a night time scene. Keep the digital time and date.

Thanks for the great suggestion. I have now added the digital time, some pics and a neon animation - like a flickering neon light. … Check it out, hope you like it

That woks. Just a note, the animation won’t work on the dim side. Also did you put a mask over the picture and time for the dim side? You may consider moving up the time layer above the mask so at least the time is a little brighter.

The animation actually works (kind offon S3 Frontier). I shows from time to time. Regarding the time layer, I had changed the transparency to about 50% to make it a little darker as I seem not able to change the text color in Dim mode

Have also created one on which the bubbles follow the champagne down the glas.