Yo can someone please help me for the love of god

i’ve been trying to find this companion app for like a month now, and all my quesitons just get dodged like i’m some little loser baby just be staright with me. I got an android, non samsung phone and a gear s2. what in the world do I do.


Go to google play store and search Facer

or use this link:

@Yoyokin which country do you live in?

Try this link from your phone.

i have the app for android but i need the companion app which will not show up for me in the gear store

United States

companion app
not the app that goes on the phone the one that you download to the watch

Go to Samsung Galaxy app/gear/Facer Companion for Gear S2 & S3 and download it to your phone, it will transfer to your watch. Hope that helps

Yeah I go tot he gear app, go to the app store, search for Facer companion in many manner of ways and it never comes up.

so is there anything at all I can do?

Install Samsung gear first then Facer from Gear app.
Follow the below link

Not sure work? Cause never try b4 cause I don’t have non Samsung phone.


NON existent app in gear store. I have the same problem (only everything is Samsung). The COMPANION APP does not exist in either google play OR Samsung Galaxy store.

@frost.walker sorry about that! Quick questions:

  • what watch model do you use?
  • what version of Tizen does it run?
  • what country do you live in?

The availability of Facer is controlled by Samsung based on some of these parameters and we’ll investigate with them to understand why you aren’t able to see it.

  • what watch model do you use?

Gear S2 (SM-R380)

  • what version of Tizen does it run?

No Clue cannot find the info. Presume the most current.

  • what country do you live in?

United States

To find the Tizen version:

  1. Open the Settings on your watch
  2. Go to About Gear
  3. Go to Software Information
  4. You should see a “Tizen version” section there with the info

As stated there is NO Tizen version in the “about” menu, Software version yes, Tizen NO.

Here is what I see.:

Under this (since I can’t attch the 2nd pic is open source and safty info, both of which say connect to comp to get more info on each

Nothing about Tizen version

PS Model # is top of list.