#Zbri# - device detected brightness

i want to implement a dimming function since the watch remains exceedingly bright even in total darkness which can be distracting to say the least, but i cant find anything about that in the documentation.

Yes, the device in question does have auto-dimming, but it seems to not work as even setting the lowest brightness setting can burn someones eyeballs out when waking up.

I have added a auto dimming function to some of my personal watch faces. I use the Shape Element twice, both large enough to cover the whole face with Opacity set to 50% and colored black. I have them timed to turn on from 23:00 hours to 00:00 hours and the second one from 00:00 to 7:00 hours. That way my face automatically dims for night time use. The Opacity expressions I use are:

$#DH#>22?50:0$ and $#DH#<7?50:0$

You can also use $#DISDAYTIME#==false?50:0$ to dim it from sunset until sunrise. Just play with the “50:” part to get the amount of darkness you need. The larger the number the darker it will be and lighter for smaller numbers. I hope that helps.

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Yes, that much is obvious. However, I still want the face to react to ambient brightness for people that are working the graveyard shift (requires a higher brightness than sleeping) or use their device like a pocket watch; allowing it to dimm further down in total darkness saving even more battery.

That would be a function reserved by the watch manufacturer that I don’t believe Facer can access. I know that my Samsung Gear S3 and Active 2 both do that as long as I have the “Auto Low Brightness” setting turned on.