ZeRound Compatibility

Which model from Facer should I choose as compatible for my ZeRound1 from MyKronoz!

Thanks a lot.

Quick question first:
Does this watch uses either Android Wear or Tizen OS?

hi !

I have a Zeround Circle2 and have the same question, but how can i see witch of those is used ?

Thanks for help !

When it comes to Android Wear it’s the same as with normal Android - you go into setting, then info and there you should see what version of the system it is using (with additional Android Wear mar).
I never had a Tizen watch, but I guess something similar should be present.

In the informations of application i have that :

Application version KS2.2.5
Copyright, Kronoz LLC

I think i’ll can’t use any app for change facers :confused:

Yep, that normally a case with 3rd party software.