#ZHR# in TicWatch-Competition not working?


Just published a watch face for the TicWatch-Competition and discovered an issue.

´#ZHR#´ doesn´t seem to work when you publish the watch face from the TicWatch-Creator. I updated it from the normal Creator and now it is working fine but i don´t know if it is in the Competition now or not.

And i noticed another phenomenon: The Facer platform is getting flooded with watch faces all named “My TicWatch design”. This is, because you can´t change the name in the TicWatch-Creator.

You should have a look …


Phantasico aka GAUSS

I don’t know about the ZHR but the names can’t be changed. Couldn’t you build it in the normal creator then edit/publish it from the ticwatch creator? This could silver the name problem but probably won’t fix the tag problem if it’s bugged.

Oh, i did it this way but i wanted to inform the @Facer_Official about the problem.

Good point

How do you even submit a face to the contest, just publish from the ticwatch creator? I was also looking for the submissions but there only seems to be the example one still.