#ZHR# Sensor Light is now Perfect

So I am sorry to open up another topic on the subject .

CONGRATULATIONS FACER the #ZHR# sensor issue for me is sorted at the moment .

I have just got Facer updates 7.0.12_1104690.phone 7.0.12_1104691.watch .

I can not imagine how the issue was fixed . These are incredibly complex coding fixes they are Managing .

I notice there is quite a jump in the number from the previous update which was . 7,0,12_124341.watch .

At the moment on my GW4 Classic
with my Facer Data Back Face , flashes the Sensor when it is displayed . The instant I Palm the Display it switches off . That does not happen on my WFS Faces . It Runs on for 40 seconds but does turn off after that .
So it seems Samsung Google and Facer had a Few Beers in the PUB served by our trusty Bar Steward Android . I have a Feeling Marvin Stood Outside .



Great news!

And it’s nice to hear a praise when something is done well and fixed.

I’m updating to the new version as we speak.


Yes . I really try hard not to complain . More like Constructive Criticism . I think Facer have worked really Hard and they have not done it alone . Good Teamwork will always get the Job Done . Thes jobs are not done by one Coder Hacking away on His own . The Team must be Managed by someone splitting the tasks up sensibly .


As I said: Facer is not perfect but it’s the best thing on the market.
By far.


Yes Sir . It comes to us as a Package . We have to take the Good with the Not So Good . I see no Bad . There is noting that is perfect . The Wobble in the Motion of the Solar system and the Moon is what Brought Life to this Planet . If the orbits were all Perfect it would be Sterile .
In my career the Happy Accident was what we were trying to achieve all the time .
I will always Admire a Platform that is Open Source . It is just a shame it is abused by some but there you are Life Itself .