#ZISROUND# Issues?

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I have a quick question: I recently tried to support square watches for a watch face that has currently gained a bit of popularity. The only issue is when I try to change a circular border to a square border using the correct opacity command for it with regards to #ZISROUND#, when I sync to my watch, the square border shows up on a circular watch and the preview incorrectly shows the face with the square border not the circular one.

I have since dealt with it by just removing the square border but I am confused as to why it did this, when on the PC website version, it showed up correctly, and on mobile it synced incorrectly with the incorrect border preview.

The question is: is this a mobile bug, and if not, how do I fix it?

The conditions I used in the opacity input were:

Circular Border: $#ZISROUND#==1?24:0$
Square Border: $#ZISROUND#==1?0:24$
(1 and true yield the same results i’ve seen)

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Using #ZISROUND# you have to write your conditional just like it shows on the Facer Tags page. The tag is shown on that page as #ZISROUND# Device Screen Shape (true, if circular) false. So you will have to write your opacity conditional $ZISROUND#==true?100:0$ for round and $ZISROUND#==false?100:0$ for square.

What I’ve discovered along with others, WearOS watches will not react when you use ==1? or ==0? in a conditional. You have to use ==true? or ==false? for them to recognize it.

Oh really?

Thank you I shall give that a try on a private release of the face and see how it goes

Thank you!