ZK-BKurt New Face

On-off LCD display
Digital and analogue two in one. Health (steps, heart rhythm, distance and calories burned), weather (location, weather icon, instantaneous temperature, high and low temperature) and battery information (hours and phone) can be reached at any time. The stopwatch is available when requested. The home screen has an analogue clock, date (day of the week, month of the month, month and year) and a 12/24 hour digital clock. Digital displays can be switched on and off at any time. The colors of the hour digits may change with the minutes and seconds marks.

The animation was removed in this version as the animation caused the freezing of the digital display in the old watchs like the Samsung Gear S2. The other features are the same as the ZK-Bkurt.


Good idea. Great design.

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I like it! If I want it is analog, if I want it is hybrid. Very good!

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Good work! I like!

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