#ZMANU# question & Copyright Question

So I have two questions. I’ll start with Question 2.

Clearly there are copyright filters on Facer.io to prevent people from uploading knock off ROLEX faces and such, and I totally get that.

Facer likely desires to prevent users from displaying ROLEX logos on their TicWatch.

I found out the hard way when I uploaded a ROMEX parody. (parody with romex wire.)

But this design attempts to display the ACTUAL manufacturer of the watch being worn,. If you have an ASUS, the logo displayed is ASUS. If you have a SAMSUNG, then the logo displays as SAMSUNG.

I’m going to assume that is “allowed” as it doesn’t infringe anything if it only shows up on the actual watch made by the #ZMANU#, yes?

===== QUESTION 1 =====

#ZMANU# won’t allow me to check for “Kate Spade” or “Michael Kors” because of the space in the MANU name. I tried just comparing the first four letters with a substring expression, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Wondering what I am doing wrong. (VAR_1 turns the logos on and off)

I tried
$substring(#ZMANU#, 0, 4)==Kate&&#VAR_1#==1?100:0$

But that doesn’t seem to work.

Ideas anyone?

Tap my MWM logo to display the “real” logo.

Here’s the face I’m making:

I would assume no, because you are still using a logo that is not yours, but I’m not a lawyer.

The bigger question here is how to read a space in the manufactuer string.

Any ideas?