Zoom Function in Dial

I’ve been using another app but found that the faces drain the battery so I’ve just switched to Facer.

One of the things in the other app is a zoom function on faces. So, if the dial has the 60, 05, 10 markers for example, I can tap the face and it’ll zoom out so that it just shows the 12, 1, 2, etc. This is handy on watches like my Watch 2 where the bezel already has the 60, 05, 10, etc. Otherwise the face looks a bit odd with what looks like 2 bezels.

Does that make sense?


Are you referring to a zoom function in the Facer Creator tool? or in the Facer app on Android?

Well, if Facer supported touch commands on its faces that could be coded…


The zoom option in the Facer Creation tool would be superb, since would make it easier for more detailed creations :+1:.

I mean the actual face on my watch. So I tap the face and it zooms in. I.e. the bezel disappears. A face I downloaded from Watchmaker this morning has 3 levels of zoom. So I’m not talking about being able to zoom in when creating a face.

Andy, Zoom (or scaling) on WatchMaker faces is not a standard feature of the app. All faces with single or multi scale zoom actions on tap are all custom scripted variables. They aren’t a LUA Tag like all other conditionals. Same as the dim scripts with 3 to 7 different activation modes and time conditionals.

Pls. think about us “old mans”… desperately needs zoom funckion for the smaller features designs… thnx