Zoom In and Out in the creator

I’m trying to place some fine detailed items, and i’d like to be able to zoom in and out without using my browser’s Crtl+mousewheel. As it’s not ideal.
My eyesight just isn’t too sharp on such tiny things, when things might be 2-3 pixels off. Not bad in the creator, but terrible on the watch.
I know this was mentioned before. But nothing ever came of it. So i’m mentioning it again. It’s something we really need as creators.

I feel with you and i want to have this zoom feature as well!




Very much needed…


+1 !!!


This is so needed especially when creating intricate designs and aligning elements.


quote it too, it will be vert usefull

+1 too

It is useful.

Was gonna add this myself it I hadn’t seen it already.

yes please

I would also like to be able to zoom to REAL SIZE.

My vision (after cataract operation) is hopeless up close.
I used to be so short sighted now long sighted and need 2x mag specs to see up close.
So I made my own face and it looked good at 24 font size on the creator:
But when I sent it to my ticwatch C2 I still could not read that size font.
So 36 font MINIMUM for me.

But would be nice to be have a ruler on screen and be able to zoom to ACTUAL size.

Also would be nice on the android phone app to do the same, when I go through the various faces
then find one I like, only to find out that I can not read them without my specs.

Just an item on my wish list.

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Another one for a ZOOM please

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An oldie topic/request and a late response, but, I’d like this feature as well xD

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Yeah. Zoom within the creator would be cool!

But note: You already can change it with Ctrl + or -… and it depends on the size and resolution of your monitor…

Not in the software you run on your PC.

Yeah unfortunately the work area not zoomed enought… Need a proper zoom for the blind moles like me :wink:

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Here’s another time I was going to make a feature request only to see it’s already been brought up. So let me add my “me too”

just as with any other graphics editor, there should be a zoom option. It’s really a no brainer imo, one of the most fundamental features.

I’d also like to see the ability to pinch zoom previews in the phone app too! It’s really impossible to get a good look at the details of any faces without taking a screen shot and zooming that. Why not just enable pinch zoom with the preview screen or at the very least, the promo photos?

I’ll second (err…23rd) that suggestion!

and +1

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