#ZSC# Step Count Inaccurate?

I made a simple watchface with a progress ring for daily steps, but the #ZSC# tag doesn’t seem to sync up with my Google Fit step count. #ZSC# tends to lag behind by 500-1000 steps. Do I need to make the text field update/check #ZSC# more frequently or is this problem inherent to Facer?

Facer does not calculate the step counts. The watch actually handles the step count. Facer uses the #ZSC# tag pulls the data directly from the watch itself. This being said, and issue you may be having is between your watch and Google Fit.

Just a thought. If by chance you are walking with your phone, it “may” be getting step count from your phone as well as your watch. If this is not the issue, then it could be just the frequency of updates between your watch and Google Fit.