100 Marks for decimal dial

Its a byproduct of my “playing” with gimp. May come handy for some odd design later.


Thanks! Yes, could come in handy…

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Very nice @petruuccios. I am actually reworking my Biel Mean Time Face ( Decimal ) at the moment. I noticed after pointing it out to someone on here that it is a bit wrong. So I will br including them. I use my CAD to array stuff. I really wanted to get into Gimp. Perhaps you could do a little Tutorial for us about arrays. I think that Gimp is fantastic but struggle to get into it. The only thing I have realy done on there is Polar Fadeing stuff.

I have to admit I cheated a bit. I used CAD to prepare the image first and then cropped, resized and refined it in gimp.
Gimp has even own built in tool under map filters, that is called recursive transform, but it is limited to 20 iterations only and I can not find a way how to control it numerically exact. All it did was drag and drop to some anticipated position, which is not good enough for “instruments” :slight_smile:

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Yeah I am s bit stuck to my CAD . It is old now and the Render Farm only has Sheep .