A new shape for the community to build with

Hello everyone, I hope you all are well. In a previous post people wanted to take a shape that i had made for a face and turn it into a community project where we all make a face based on that shape. It was a good time seeing everyone have a different vision. They talked me into making another post with a new shape. I was a bit hesitant to share this shape because I have not currently built a face out of it but it is on my to do list.

Either way here it is, please have fun with it but all i ask is to please credit me in the description of the face if you choose to publish.

Thanks and have fun!

PS. I think I formatted this image to be a tansparent PNG but if it didn’t work let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

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Tapping on it on the App here it says it’s a png, so hopefully it’s transparent my friend :grinning:
Happy creating everyone :+1:


This is the shape that your “blinds” comment made me think of.



I love the fact that you included me in this thread, alas, i am not a creator but…

I certainly look forward to seeing everybodies ideas/creations.


Here’s what I came up with off the cuff. MAG 1887


Thanks for coming up with another shape challenge @Orakix . This one might go in a few different ways. Should be fun! :beers:


When I saw the “blade” I thought of moire patterns, and it gave me 2 ideas: counter-rotating patterns, and orbits. So this is just a study in testing that idea, not a practical face for a watch. the clockface is obviously far too small to be practical, but, it’s just the idea and making it work (which took a while). My goal was to 1) have a neato looking rotating pattern, and 2) since there’s a blank circle in the blade’s pattern, put a clock in it and have it stay straight (ie, orbit the face) while the blade rotates.
Looks neeeeeato… in a Cheech and Chong kind of way :laughing:

Interestingly, I have a such patterned face I had been working on for a while.

And to get the above to work, I had to rack my brain to get this test below to work first:


Woah, psychedelic! :+1:


In a Cheech and Chong kind of way :laughing:


Haha yeah! I’m so excited, you guys are already smashing it outta the park. I knew you guys would like this shape. I can’t wait to see all of them.


The stripes change to match the weather forecast


You know you could still make this a practical face. As much as I love analog I think you’re right, the dial is to small. You could however make it digital, the time could easily fit into that circle. The animation is far to cool to not find a way to make it work. I never would have thought of that although i was thinking of something similar. It’s super f’n cool though.


I did also try a large font digital time inside the circle with the overall image rotating. It’s more complicated since the bottom edge of a text element is its pivot point instead of its center (makes it bob up and down as it orbits), as opposed to the watch elements I did use whose pivot points are exactly in their centers.


If you keep the text upwards, or rotating, you should only need to add a correction to the Y access, if you want the text “horizontal” at 3, then you need to add a sin/cos correction:
See the differences in the 2 circles, and the one on the hand here:

Oh, and nice watch :wink:


Ohhh yea, thanks! I should have thought of that… it is just a shift: offset the center of orbit of the text element, to center it within the orbit of the blade. Now it is working.

I’m still treating it as an exercise in mechanics!


Thanks For that Mattie . I was stuck with that . All clear now .

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Thanks @Orakix for the Template and Thanks to @ThaMattie for the Orbit Code .
Sorry it is not very original but it is what I wanted to do the instant I saw the Template .


I thought I’d give it a go. Originally I was going to do some sort of spinning thing like @kourosh & @russellcresser, but they beat me to the punch. The shape simply is begging for it. So then I mettalized it & it kind of reminded me of a cast iron wood burning stove window. I simply put the biggest fire I could think of behind it - the sun and a coronal mass ejection & made them spin. I added a colour coded battery level meter and a step meter in the round thingy that was probably meant for a clock. Nothing fancy, but kind of fun. Credit to you @Orakix in the description.


I went with a simple minimalistic face. Two images 90 and -90 degrees to create the battery and steps circle.


But yours is practical, while mine was just a study in the mechanics!