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I want to do this can you help me
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If I’m understanding correctly… you want a box around the current date that changes every day?

Also, judging by the thumbnail I’m guessing you want to display only the current week?

So, the easy stuff first:

  • Make a text layer with S M T W T F S
  • Make a shape layer (square) for the green box highlight

What you would need to do at this point is to make the box move X positions based on the day.

In the X position field of the Box layer enter:

What this translates to is:

IF DOW (Day of Week) is equal to 2 (Tuesday) move the box to X position: 122, otherwise see if DOW is equal to 3 (Wednesday) and move it to 150, if not, see if DOW is equal to 4 (Thursday) and move it to 178, and if not, see if DOW is equal to 5 (Friday) and move it to 200, and if not, see if DOW is equal to 6 (Saturday) and move it to 220, and if not, see if DOW is equal to 0 (Sunday) and move it to 70 otherwise, see if DOW is equal to 1 (Monday) and move it to 97.

This is a nested loop statement.

Think of it like a Choose Your Own Adventure. The format is:

$ - All formulas need to start and end with a $ to indicate where code begins/ends.
#DOW# - Returns numeric value for Day of the Week. Useful for stuff like this.
: - Separates the conditionals values
? - This is what the value for the field will be set to if DOW is equal to the number to the left of the ?
$$ - Only used for nested loops, think of $$ as parenthesis in math problems like (1+(2x)*3). It tells Facer that this is still part of the same code that started with the original $

Here’s the watchface with inspection mode on if it helps:

As far as the date goes, that part is a little harder and I’m not sure how to do it offhand. Someone has likely tried to do this in the past. I’ll see if I can find it somewhere.


Great tutorial!!

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These Guys covered the Dates .


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