About email notifications

I have not received any e-mails in about 1 week by Facer.
New watch faces
100 SYNC

None of them come as email. What is the reason ?

I was receiving e-mails regularly. But lately there is no e-mail. Comments are not emailed to me. There are no e-mails. But it was earlier.

Hi there!

Sorry about that! Have you checked in your spam folder by any chance?

Everyone in the community - are you also not receiving emails?

Hello there!

I do get emails with sync numbers and with new comments, however I would be happy to get also emails with

1 - new watch faces, where I am a follower

2 - my new followers

This is I get only on my phone as a notification.

This is so far my feedback :wink:

Of course. I checked. But not. Please correct this.

I am still receiving emails.

I still get my emails :slight_smile:

@kakmese I’m seeing a “10 sync milestone” email sent out to you from our system yesterday Monday January 22nd, at 5:39AM Pacific time. Can you check if you’re seeing it?

No. No e-mail. The last email arrived on January 16th. @Facer_Official


Can you confirm you are able to receive this email? Just making sure what we have on file is correct. This regarding your report here: About email notifications

I received this e-mail now. @Facer_Official

I’m getting the 10 - 100 - 500 pings

I find emails somewhat inconsistent - I get emails about synchs but none about rejections? Its all a bit random though

Hello there. What about my e-mail problem? If not, can I change my e-mail address? Can he fix it this way?


I can not get e-mail from here. Please solve the problem. @Facer_Official

@Facer_Official I’m no longer getting emails…I’ve had faces featured but no email, faces hit 3000 syncs but no email. For some reason, one of my faces also hit 10,000 syncs but isn’t featured in the 10,000 sync club collection. What’s happening? :o thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @roycaruso - we see an email sent to you yesterday at 8:22pm Pacific time for a comment on one of your watch faces. Can you confirm you did NOT receive it anywhere?

Hi @Facer_Official, I can confirm that I did NOT receive it. I haven’t received emails from you guys (apart from promotional offers) in quite a while (last was 12th of Feb). Any suggestions?

@roycaruso - we found the issue in our logs:

Failed: facer@little-labs.com → roy****@****.com '[FACER Community] [Show Your Style!] My first design!' Not delivering to a user who marked your messages as spam

It looks like you or your email app marked us as spam. Could you check?

@Facer_Official Definitely didn’t do that :stuck_out_tongue: and nothing from you guys in my spam folder :frowning: My friends have had similar issues. We’ve added that email address to our ‘trusted senders’ lists but not luck so far.

Weird then! Anyway, we just disabled the exception for your email address. Hopefully you start receiving emails again. Cheers!

@Facer_Official fingers crossed! Hopefully I didn’t miss anything really important :o Thanks for the help! :slight_smile: