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Why are you sending me this message? I have no patience anymore
are you kidding me.

170 watchfaces 45661syncs 1.1k followers in 2 months.
I don’t believe you anymore.

Facer is the leading watch face platform for smartwatches and is committed to supporting independent designers wanting to take their craft to the next level and establish their brand in the smartwatch industry.

To support this goal, we’ve created the Facer Creator Partner Program, an invite-only tier of features and services reserved to the best of the best on Facer.

The benefits of the Facer Creator Partner Program include:

  • Monetize your watch faces on Facer
  • Exclusive marketing and publishing opportunities
  • Real-time chatroom with other members of the Facer Creator Partner Program
  • Direct support from the Facer team

To qualify for the Facer Creator Partner Program:

  • You must be an independent designer who produces high-quality, innovative, and diverse watch faces on Facer
  • Your watch faces must have received at least 5,000 syncs in the past 30 days
  • You must have created at least one collection of watch faces showcasing your own designs, with a banner respecting our quality guidelines
  • You must be an active and constructive member of the Facer community, including its forums, comment threads, etc.
  • You must have zero copyright/trademark infringement strikes. See www.facer.io/copyright
  • You must respect Facer’s terms of services. See www.facer.io/terms

Could you please reply to this message?

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Meeting the requirements doesn’t land you in the partner program. Those are just the requirements to be considered for the program which is “invite-only”.

When I first started out, I too thought I only had to meet the requirements, then pow, partner. It doesn’t work like that. You must be invited.

Keep at it and keep active, keep making cool stuff and be a constructive member here in the forums etc. and maybe you’ll get an invite. Good luck!


Have you created a collection yet?
" * You must have created at least one collection of watch faces showcasing your own designs, with a banner respecting our quality guidelines"
Shame that their quality guidelines link is broken

I think the quality guidelines link should be updated to

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@enderuckun9 / You must spend some time checking through all the documents .


Read the room bro. Pretty much everyone here has the same stats, or even way more than you. Stop acting like you’re the second coming of watch face makers…


Note that sync count is one, but not the only condition to qualify as a candidate.
And even qualifying does not automatically grant you an invite.
I was trying earlier to point you to the other things on the list.


My dear friend,
It is apparently not so easy to become partner!. Even for me it is the 3. attempt to partnership.
I can give you only one advice, try to meet all criteria to become partner and use the time to improve your designs. There is always some detail you can make better :smile:


In my opinion making watchfaces here with intention to sell them - is a waste of time.
Facer is for most of us just a fun place to be.

I think you should turn to Google Store and try to sell them there. I would do that.

I have decent sync number and I do not expect to be invited. As I said many times before: I think that ship has sailed.


Worse than all the issues others have brought up, there is one you don’t know about. I’ve had some conversations with some of the partners. They are only allowed to publish their paid watchfaces after Facer inspects the watchface, tests it for functionality and approves it to be published. Then Facer is the one who publishes it when they want to. The only faces you would be able to publish on your terms when you wish are the free ones. I’m sure I don’t have every detail of the process correct, but that is the mile high view of what happens. I’m glad I have never become a partner! I am doing this for the fun of it and becoming a partner would be to much like getting a job. I’m retired and I ain’t ever going back to the 9 to 5 daily grind!


Does any of the partners can give a statement on this?


As Far as I know the partners do not rely on the Income from Facer to keep thier Life together . I could be wrong . I know one of them Is a Professional Musician . I don’t think any of them are Over paid unless they hit Stardom .
As mentioned several times it is about the Community for Many .


@Rator . Contributed First . There are quite a Few Topics on this subject . Apart from the Facer Documentation . But it is always good to get the Gang together round the Fire with a Familiar Story .


I understand very well so much thanks my friends for imformation
I will continue to work and design new watchfaces.
How can I market my watch faces on the Google Store? If anyone has information on this subject, can you write to me?


I think you should turn to Google Store and try to sell them there
can you write me about this

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This is probably a good place to start . I believe you also need 25 Beta Testers now . Not Easy .

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I’m a partner. If you WANT to be a partner, work towards it. Be active here, helpful, etc. Make a lot of different designs and make them with quality components and not stolen imagery. Make your own stuff. If you haven’t become a partner after meeting what you think are all of the expectations, maybe have another look at your work. Are you making faces with logos from existing brands? Using recognizable copyrighted characters? Copying existing designs from existing watches or partners?

Keep working. Strive to get your faces at the top of the list. See what people are downloading and design into that. (If the top 10 this month are all digital, don’t make analogs and expect them to hit the top, things like that). Look at what colors are selling, look at what features are included, and make sure your work is clean, clear, easy to read and looks cool.

I started making faces for myself, then worked along these lines creating quality pieces and working with partners and people on the side to better my skills (though there is a TON of useful info on the forums now compared to then) and maybe you’ll get noticed. Consistently getting your work in the top 10 will help.

You can make good money here, in response to a previous post, but you have to be active and good to make enough to cover some costs of living like food or utilities or even rent in some cases.

Regarding the review process, while @mrantisocialguy is correct and you can publish anytime for free with no oversight (other than auto-bots checking for infringement) and that if you’re a partner, Facer reviews your work, they usually get published within 3 days or so and now we can manually determine when they get published once they’ve been approved. Facer just makes sure your face works, like all the complications, VARS, animations, fonts, text widths etc.

Keep at it guys! If you want something, you gotta work for it. I know I felt the same way as many of you, like “I met all the requirements, where’s my invite?!” “I’ve done so many faces and have so many syncs, where’s my invite?!” I work so hard and have so many faces, where’s my invite?!" But it just doesn’t work like that. Think of it this way, they won’t even look at you unless you have met those requirements first of all, but you have to be making GOOD stuff. Stuff they think will sell.

Good luck everyone! And thanks to everyone here who IS super active and helpful. I know some of you have helped me figure some things out in the past so keep it up!


It sounds like they are progressing or I was not “fully” informed. Most probably the latter and my own memory about it being at fault. Thanks @Rator for the clarification.


Brilliant reply from @Rator there, very nicely put my friend :+1:
Stick to the Guidelines, keep creating great work, and see what happens…


Yep no prob. @mrantisocialguy That’s a feature we’ve been asking for that finally happened. (been a few years now that we’ve been asking for grouped layers too, heh, one can dream!)

And thanks @icrltd4 ! I’ve been you guys and I want to see you all succeed!


You gave very good descriptive information. thank you very much for this.
As you say, I will continue with patience RATOR