Modified set of images for Moon Phase, Weather & Battery Icon's

What image formats can be used for Moon Phase images?

I use GIF files as they allow transparent areas. I am not sure what other formats you can use.

I’ve tried gif png and jpg - keeps saying “Invalid file type”

Mmm, have you tried saving the images at the top of the thread and using them as a test? They should work.

So how does one add some dynamic text next to the moon phase icon, like “waxing” or “waning” or even “wax-on/wax-off”

You would use an expression that represents the phase of the moon and then use the result of the expression to choose between two different the two different text values.

You could use the expression here:

The result is a real number in the range 0 to 1, where 0 means the moon is new, 0.5 means it is full, etc.

The test would be:

expression <= 0.5 means waxing, and > 0.5 waning.

So, place a text object where you want it and then set the text value in the advanced window to:


I hope that helps.


Thank you very much for sharing!

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I cheated, instead of doing all the math, I made pictures of the text and added them to the moon phase icon.

First Quarter

Full Moon

Last Quarter

New Moon

Waning Crescent

Waning Gibbous

Waxing Crescent

Waxing Gibbous

They are all in white so you’ll have to right click on them and select “open in new tab” or “open in new window” to see them, but I swear they are really there just above the name. It’s just a lot simpler (and faster) to add pictures of words. :grin:


Any idea about the resolution or dimensions of the set icons ?
I tried to add some pictures (190x60 px) instead of icons … but seems that the weather complication resized the pictures.
Many thanks for your help.

From what I’ve seen Facer Creator changes the size of every picture added to it.

Well … for some reasons, it works fine now. The ratio are correct.
What I have done is to delete first all the icons. Then, I uploaded all the pictures.

thanks, silly question maybe, but do i have to right click and download each icon individually? or is therer a folder somewhere i’m missing

When I downloaded them, I had to right click on each one.

Bonjour peux tu me dire comment faire apparaître la lune sur mon écran j ai suivi tes instructions mais je ne vois pas ma moonphase sur ma montre

Hello can you tell me how to make the moon appear on my screen I followed your instructions but I don’t see my moon phase on my watch.


Maybe it’s a new moon today. Either way, you need to show your watchface or a screenshot that shows which field of the formula and for which object.


Hello Could I use these weather images? I’m newbie and I can’t make pictures like that…

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Hello Could I use these weather images? I’m newbie and I can’t make pictures like that…

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Could I use these weather images? I’m newbie and I can’t make pictures like that…

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